Made In the USA. The BEST tool for cleaning gutters...

You've tried other gutter cleaning you have found the right solution.

Why pay someone up to $400.00 to clean your gutters when you can do it yourself? Simply put, the Gutter Clutter Buster® is the safest, cleanest and easiest way to clean out your gutters. Our unique design eliminates the need for ladders, buckets, gloves and other cleaning tools, while it skips additional clean-up steps. Saving you time, energy and money!

Methods of Other Gutter Cleaners:

  1. Other gutter cleaning tools spray the leaves out with water. This is an unecessary WASTE of water, and creates further mess for you to rake up and dispose of.
  2. Pronged gutter tools leave gravel and other debris behind. Using tools like these are awkward and innefficient.
  3. Ladders are VERY dangerous. Using a bucket on a ladder and gathering the debris by hand can be very risky, and takes alot more time than using a Gutter Clutter Buster!


With the Gutter Clutter Buster® all leaves, debris, pine needles, and roof gravel, whether WET or DRY, go right from your gutters into your wet/dry vac.
Gutters Are Left Squeaky Clean!

No DANGEROUS Ladders! No Buckets! No Clean Up! No WASTED WATER on You!

  • Efficient, User-Friendly, Affordable
  • Lightweight, Durable but STRONG PVC
  • Safer to Use
  • Easier Cleaning Method
  • Multi use Options
  • Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool is 60" long (Extensions are 54" long)
  • Fits 2 ½" (at each end) Wet/Dry Vac Hose
  • Tool Weighs less than 3 lbs! (Extensions weigh only 2 lbs each)



Dear Gutter Clutter Buster® s, I am George's wife and I want to thank you for your wonderful product. I no longer have to worry about him climbing on the tall house or hurting himself trying to clean the gutters. Your product is wonderful. He gets finished in no time. We are sharing the news of your product with our friends. Thanks so much and God Bless You! Jamie B. - Clinton, TN

Graphic The Gutter Clutter Buster®  60 inch overall length, fits 2.5 inch wet dry vac hose
Graphic Gutter Clutter Buster®  Pipe Bottom

Graphic Gutter Clutter Buster®  Top

Graphic The Gutter Clutter Buster®

Graphic The Gutter Clutter Buster®

Graphic The Gutter Clutter Buster®  60 inch overall length, fits 2.5 inch wet dry vac hose Graphic Gutter Clutter Buster®  Pipe Bottom Graphic The Gutter Clutter Buster® Graphic Gutter Clutter Buster®  Top

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Other refunds will be at the sole discretion of Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC. "Unused Items" can be returned and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be returned at customer's expense according to the guidelines listed above.

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Important Tips

With the GCB® KIT, you can easily reach second story gutters on homes with a flat lot. Extensions fit snugly to our tool and your 2 1/2" hose. When using our product for second story gutters, a 5.5 horsepower (or better) wet/dry vac is recommended. Please ensure your wet/dry vac hose is 2 1/2" THIS IS A REQUIREMENT.Spray extension connections with a light lubricant before use to ease disassembly Share this safety conscious product with friends, neighbors and relatives!

About the Company

Gutter Clutter Buster® was originally designed by Bob and Jean Kay in Sarasota, FL. Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC is currently a female owned business, operated by Jennifer Bazzy. Business operations are conducted in Bradenton, Florida. From the start, GCB products have been made using 100% CERTIFIED United States content. Each tool is crafted by AMERICAN hands in sunny Florida.

We endeavor to support AMERICAN businesses and workers and will continue to ensure each and every Gutter Clutter Buster is made from quality NO LEAD content in the United States. We are striving to deliver this great product to hardware stores throughout the U.S.A. and we are expanding our online presense to customers WORLDWIDE. .

This method of cleaning gutters, with the right TOOL is one that will keep people MUCH SAFER THAN USING A DANGEROUS LADDER. Please ask your local hardware store manager, "When are you going to sell the Gutter Clutter Buster products?" Visit our FACEBOOK page and leave us a comment or review! We would love to hear from you. Commercial businesses regularly use the Gutter Clutter Buster to keep their employees SAFER and reduce the amount of time spent on each job.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a SAFE, EASY, fast, clean and AFFORDABLE way to complete a nasty, but necessary household chore.

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Patent D622,016 – Gutter Clutter Buster® –The BEST Gutter Cleaning Tools – 100% CERTIFIED Made in the USA

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