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Customer Testimonials

Read My Review of the Gutter Clutter Buster by Steve Bernal

I really want to commend you for a well-made tool.  I was about to go to the hardware store to make something like this to clean my gutters when I came across your website.  Product was realistically priced and I ordered it.  I won't go into detail on how helpful you were on the phone but I got to tell you I may do one testimonial per 5 years and you guys are deserving.

Today I used the product and I can't believe what a great product it is.  I also want to commend you on making this product in the USA.  Thanks again and keep them coming.

Everett S.
Bradenton, FL

My Clutter Buster arrived today, and I immediately used it. I am so happy that I ordered it, because it works great!

The only thing I ask myself is, why isn't this in all the big box home stores? Thanks for the great product, and great service.

I will spread the word!

Laura K.
Gelesburg, MI

Received my order and it's wonderful!   I'm a single mom with a bad back and it was so easy to use and light weight.  Really did its job and worth the money!   Even though my kids are teenagers, I do not want them climbing a ladder and potentially hurting themselves.

You are so right about people wanting to borrow it. My neighbor has rheumatoid arthritis and a bad back and she has already asked to borrow it which I am fine with because I know she will return it. But yes you can publish my comment to you I hope that more people purchase your product. I looked into several other products before making the decision to buy yours. Did a lot of research. I am very pleased with that and can't thank you enough.


Tina H.
Portage, IN

This is a very useful tool for cleaning gutters... I love it!!! I read directions and checked out reviews on best method and hints for using product. I used a Rigid 5 hp shop vac and have a 2 story in front ... 3 story in back due to hillside location located in a rural forested location in NJ. After some trial and error I determined this device works and works extremely well. I have read some negative reviews as well as viewed the "video" that proves it does not work. I believe as other reviewers have mentioned there is a process somewhat tedious when gutters are overflowing with leaves where you need to use suction to take wads of leaves off gutters before you can start sucking debris from gutters. I have learned also by running shop vac inside room where you cannot reach, i.e. third story windows on my house in back... I can use the device out of the window for the areas I cannot reach from ground. This device works as advertised and will save me time, money, and possible injury cleaning my gutters on a seasonable basis. Great product!!

My wife thinks I'm crazy because I kept talking about your product... but the proof was in the pudding... when I was able to thoroughly and neatly clean the gutters...

Good luck ... I am spreading the word in my neighborhood... and the video was on a gutter cleaning blog... where a gentlemen was not able to suck up leaves... I find this hard to believe... I am surrounded by high oak trees among others... and the leaves are quite large... and I was able to either suck them up or pick up clumps till I was able to suck em into shop vac....

Ronald D.
Millstone Township, NJ

Yes I got it and it works GREAT!!!! Thanks for making a great American product!

Larry C. | Faculty Senate Chair
Professor of Photography
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.
Milwaukee, WI

I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful tool. Last spring I hoisted myself up a 25 foot ladder shaking the entire time I tried to clean my gutters. Luckily, I made it out alive...but no more. I couldn't wait until I received the package so I could try this out on just a small section of my gutters. We put it together a WHAM!!!!! All of the leaves, dirt and twigs (some small branches) were instantly sucked into the vac. Several months ago we had a terrible storm that knocked down many trees in the area and blew many branches off of the oak tress that surround our property. The GCB took care of them all. In less than 1 to 1 1/2 hour all of our gutters were clean AND yes I had to brave the ladder one more time just to make sure. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for this wonderful product. I will definitely tell everyone that needs gutters cleaned!

Tonia C. | Montvale, VA

Got it. Used it. Loved it.


Yes! I received the package in great shape. I put the Gutter Buster Cleaner to very good use immediately and was amazed at what came out of the gutters. I had to empty my Shop-Vac three times! I did this while standing on solid ground or on the deck. No more ladders for this guy!

Peter P. | Lillington, NC

Yes, I received your product from UPS on said date. The packaging box was in perfect order and your product was NOT damaged. I have used your product cleaning out ALL of my gutters and your product is the best solution to this troublesome job. Also, I have modified your product. See attached picture. I purchased a 5" convex mirror through and a 2 1/2" x 5/16" u-bolt assembly (with 2 extra nuts) from Lowe's and put them together on your product (at the height of the curved portion). Now I can see what I am sucking up with the shop vac. I would recommend this as an improvement to your product. This is the BEST and most useful product that I have ever bought. Thanks for making it.

Michael K. | UPATOI, GA

NOTE: You can go to our business blog at and see the 5” convex mirror which Michael adapted to the GCB Tool so he can see inside his gutters while cleaning them.

Yes, received and put to work right away. I am quite pleased as the the front of our house has always been a challenge to clean because of bushes etc. in the way. While it still isn't easy at least it is no longer dangerous. Thanks!


Sorry I have not responded sooner- I received the Gutter Buster and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for the great, innovated, safe product. I have recommended it to others.

Kristen P. | Burlington, CT

Received order in fine shape...thank-you very much! the product!


Got it. Love it.

John S. | APEX, NC

It's Cathy from Bullet Blues. Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with the Gutter Clutter Buster. What a big help--it works like a charm! Great product, and made in the USA! Take care,

Cathy H. | Lexington, TX

Thank you for the prompt response. My wife and I love to see business owners that give glory to God. The retail business needs more folks like you. Our prayer is that God will continue to use you and your business in mighty ways while blessing the lives of those you touch. God bless you and have a blessed weekend! Your brother in Christ,


Dear Gutter Clutter Buster, I can't tell you the pleasure it brings to finally have my gutters cleared. It's too hard for me to get up on the roof because I get scissor legs every time I climb to high places. At first I could not believe how quickly I connected the pipes together. In five minutes I was cleaning out years of decomposed matter and when it came across sticks I would let the vacuum grab it and with a flick of the wrist the bunch or twigs would fall to the ground. I used it once then it rained so I decided to use it again now that the gutters started working. To my amazement it vacuumed up water that must've been sitting in the gutters alerting me to the fact that I need to actually get someone to reset the gutters as they have some sag. I will be lending this product to my friend who I know will probably buy himself a set. Thanks again for your fantastic product! Cheers,

Chris C. | Endwell, NY

I can't tell you the pleasure it bring to finally have my gutters cleared. It's too hard for me to get up on the roof because I get scissor legs every time I climb to high places. At first I could not believe how quickly I connected the pipes together. In five minutes I was cleaning out years of decomposed matter and when it came across sticks I would let the vacuum grab it and with a flick of the wrist the bunch or twigs would fall to the ground. I used it once then it rained so I decided to use it again now that the gutters started working. To my amazement it vacuumed up water that must've been sitting in the gutters alerting me to the fact that I need to actually get someone to reset the gutters as they have some sag. I will be lending this product to my friend who I know will probably buy. Thanks again for your fantastic product! Cheers,

Chris C. | Endwell, NY

I received the order as stated in your email. It works great and I'm so glad that I found your company on the web. No more ladders for me! "Customer service from GCB was top notch and I received the product in a timely manner. The tips and tricks were very handy in securing and removing the extensions. The product works well above my expectations. I have a lot of trees that dump on my roof most of the year and I had been dreading getting on my roof this spring to clean the gutters out. Honestly, I had waited to the point of trees sprouting in my gutters and the product sucked them out with little to no troubles. With this product I will be able to keep up on the gutter maintenance much more frequently and I know that the process will be a breeze. Thanks again for such a wonderful product." I have told several friends and family about your product. I hope it turns into more business coming your way. Thanks again,

Jason J. | De Soto, MO

Thank you so much for checking to make sure I received your product. I have not tried it yet, but I did receive it. I must say, so far, I've never had better customer service anywhere shopping online. I look forward to using your product and hope it works well so I don't have to hire anyone or risk getting hurt on a ladder. God Bless You all also.

Michelle D. | Allen Park, MI

I did indeed receive my order and it was exactly as described, boxed well and left on my front porch. I went out several days later and picked up a 6.5 hp shop vac to use with it. I had let my gutters go way to long because I have a problem with vertigo and can't get up on a ladder anymore. I even had small trees growing out of them. Just as your website says your product doesn't take the work out of cleaning your gutters but keeps you safe on the ground. It worked great! I had to go at it in stages and work my way down to a bare spot in the gutter then could go at it by angling the head. Took me about three sessions to clean them all completely but now that they are clean and I have a safe way of cleaning them they will stay clean. Thanks for a great product.

Barry E. | Temple, GA

It was delivered yesterday afternoon and I was just using it this morning for the first time. It works very well. Attached to my 5hp shop vac easily and I have already emptied my machine twice and I am only half way done. Thank you for the follow-up to my delivery and your excellent customer service. I am very pleased with the build quality of your product, the ease-of-use of your product and your attention to your clients. I will certainly recommend your product to anyone who asks. Kind Regards,

Dave P. | Winnipeg, CANADA

I received the GCB Kit in good condition this Spring evening. Thanks to your site's tips I was ready with the correct size and power level wet-dry vacuum. I vacuumed my gutters (2 story colonial) and cleaned up all within two hours of arrival of the kit. It was very nice not to be on a ladder any more. Nice product. Thanks much.

Ed J. | Williamsburg, VA

This to confirm that the GCB arrived as indicated. I tried it out yesterday. Parts of the house are three stories high; with all the necessary extensions attached to reach the gutter, the system becomes rather top-heavy and wobbly, but it did clear out years of accumulated debris. Working at that height is tough on the neck and arms, but I found that I could simply hang the GCB off the gutter while I took a break, or added or removed an extension. The GCB has to be close to vertical when working with so many extensions; I found that I could best raise or lower the GCB with the necessary extensions for three stories by leaning the top of it vertically against the side of house at a height of about ten feet, as I stood directly behind it. I then could push it up the side of the house to the gutter height as I walked toward the house. All in all, I'm quite satisfied with your product; it saves my working off a ladder at three stories. At lower heights it's easy to manipulate, and is large enough in diameter to allow debris to flow through it readily.

Frances D. | South Hadley, MA

I bought my home a year ago, and noticed right away the gutters needed cleaning. About the same time I had an injury at work which tore up my left knee and put me on workman's comp. (bummer, Trust me I know). Needless to say, estimates on gutter cleaning are at best outrageous, especially for the size of my home and the amount of gutters I have. This spring after tiring of listening to the birds playing in the bird baths I refer to as my gutters, I surfed the web after seeing a multiple piece divide my buddy purchased from one of the shop-vac companies. It was preposterously expensive compared to this. I asked him how it worked and he stated it worked okay, but with all the joints in it, it lost suction. I googled gutter cleaning, and found a DIY item made from PVC, that used your garden hose to blow the debris out. For about $10.00 I made one. I got very wet, and still had clogged gutters. I googled again and found the blower type. To me that was not the answer, as I did not want to have to clean my yard afterwards. Mostly because of my bad knee. Then I found GCB! What a deal, and as I discovered shipping was not bad either. The day I got it, I hooked it up to my 5.0 amp shop-vac (more than strong enough), and in an hour (yea, slow but hey, I got a bad knee) I had all my gutters cleaned on both the house and two car garage. I was amazed that when I put it over the down spouts, it even sucked them clean as well! Yea, I put some black tape around the tip as they have the notches (not that notches are bad) cut in the end, to give a better seal. I love this thing! I used my PVC cleaner to check the gutters (it did have a use), and water flowed fast and freely. The next big rain, I found myself outside checking gutters and down spouts, which were flowing great! I am happy, even though the neighborhood birds now have to seek a bath somewhere else. Thanks for developing a great product. I am considering purchasing the extension, so my parents can use it to clean their gutters too! P.S.: My neighbor with the screens on his gutters asked where I got it too. Evidently the screens only keep so much out of the gutters, and he was having to clean his. I loaned him mine, and gave him the website information.

Lucky K. | Glasford, IL

"Thank you so much for your follow-up regarding our recent Gutter Clutter Buster purchase. :) Please consider this a confirmation regarding delivery but most of all, please consider this a "Heart felt THANK YOU" for offering such a delightful and easy to use product to the public!!! We received our package the night before last and I could not wait to "attack" my 22 foot high gutters!!!.. As you know, for this job we ordered the GCB kit as well as one extra extension tube.

Being we are located in IL and already in our winter season, I really needed to clear my gutters due to my procrastination and unwillingness to justify spending yet another $200 for someone to clean them out. We were now at the point where the gutters were clogged so that the rain water was now over flowing over the sides of the gutters!!! My fear was that the winter weather would now turn that rain water into huge water icicles hanging from our roof!!!

So, after a quick "tube assembly" of our GCB kit and attached it to our Craftsman 6.5HP Wet-Dry vac, I quickly got to work...It took a few minutes to learn how to move and maneuver but in no time at all I was vacuuming out my gutters and heard the beautiful sounds of "running water" (obviously the trapped water in our gutters) once again down my drain pipes..yay!!!!

This may have been the best home maintenance equipment purchase we have ever made...!!!

Please accept our warmest and sincerest thanks for your great product, service and quick turnaround time!

Warmest regards and wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!!!"

Craig T | Forest Park, IL

LADDER FOR SALE!!!! Used the Gutter Buster yesterday. It worked great! Sure was nice not having to move a ladder 15 times and not having to worry about falling. Made In USA too. What more could I ask for? One neighbor saw me using it and wants to borrow it.

Larry G. | Madison, MS

What a great tool! We absolutely love it and have already cleaned out nearly all our stuffed gutters within hours of receiving it. We'll make sure to tell everyone about your great product. Thank you so much,

Suzanne L. | Portland, OR

Thanks so much! I just used it for the first time today, and it worked great. The only glitch occurred when I noticed that I had a decrease in suction. It turned out that there was a wad of pine needles stuck in the tubing of my ShopVac. It took some work to get that un-blocked. But it just goes to show that even with all of the junk I had in my gutters (sticky pine needles, large oak tree leaves, and acorns), the Gutter Clutter Buster really did work great.

Kent I. | Sacramento, CA

Used the "candy cane" today and was beyond impressed! Hubby didn't have to use a ladder and was safe from falling! We bought a 6.5 HP Wet Dry shop vac from Home Depot WD1851. The gutters are clean and now we are ready for winter! Wish we had this 25 years ago! This is a winner, priced right, fast shipping, great instructions. Don't be afraid to buy it. I would even give this as a gift! Thank you for this invention! Something that works and IS NOT JUNK. AMERICAN MADE TOO! YAY!

Louise & John W. | New Milford, CT

Purchased your GCB a few weeks back and have already made my money back plus more. I do have a question. Seems like the gutters I clean are 3 inches and are kind of hard to get in and out of. Do you make something that can get into a 3" gutter any better?

Marc C. | Stanhope, NJ

YES, MARC, we will have on the market in early 2012 a revised gutter cleaning tool that will allow you to do just that. We thank you for your recommendations and concerns.

Admin@ Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC

"I have received the shipment in very good conditions. I have used the tools twice since I got it. Although it is a bit more complicated than doing nothing this tool is the best return for my money compared to many other things I bought in my life. I had very good and small plastic screen on my gutters before. But over time they plugged too. Also the small seeds at spring used to go through the small holes and plug the downspout. I used to get them cleaned twice a year spending from $200 to $300 each time. But at spring time they were still plug and overflowing making a mess around my bushes. Now it is a bit more trouble because I have to clean it myself but the job is done perfectly. I have a 2 story house with more than 230 feet of gutters. Some gutter sections are hard to reach but I can do it better with my 2nd experience. It takes me about 2 hours with the set up and the cleaning of the pipes and shop vac. My next worry is to have time to do it another time before the remaining leaves to fall will end up frozen in the gutter. But what an improvement! From my second story I can look in some part of the 1rst story garage gutter. They are clean like a whistle."

Best of regards, Richard M. | QUEBEC, CANADA

"Yes you can post my comment on your company's website. I have also forward this information on to some of my co-workers and they said they will also purchase this product. It is also comforting to know that money is being sent to feed others that are in need. Continue to do what you are doing and you will continue to be truly blessed."

"We live in an 8-unit townhouse and purchased this product for economic reasons. We are very pleased with the Gutter Clutter Buster. It did the job and more plus the fact that it is made in America, priceless. May God continue to bless this company and prayerfully with more innovative ideas."

Thank you, Sherry P. | Irvington, NJ

Great Products- Got it shipped on Friday (the shipping and follow-up was very efficiently done) We tried it out the following Saturday - it worked great even though there was some water in the eves - it did a great job. We did check the eves to see if it was clear. We are very happy that we purchased this product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thank you."

Norb S. | Appleton, WI

"Yes, we received the Gutter Clutter Buster Tools and were able to test it out last weekend. The GCB made an all day, dangerous (my mom is 83) job up and down a ladder (yes my mom was still going up the ladder); into a 30 minute job on the ground - start to finish. WOW! My mom has been climbing up there for the last 40 years so for us the GCB definitely qualifies as a bona fide "why didn't I think of that!" product that comes along from time to time. Just imagine what would have happened if you had named it iGCB! You can add us to your long list of Satisfied Customers because that is what we are."

Ralph M. | Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"On the same day I ordered my GCB I also ordered at competing product. I received my GCB two weeks ago and used it to clean up the gutters on the front of my single story ranch that I just bought. The gutters hadn't been cleaned for years and had plants sprouting from them. No problem for the GCB and my 5hp Rigid wet/dry Vac. The only problem I had was when hit a twig that was too big to enter the GCB; and that was easily resolve by tapping the GCB nozzle on the roof and whoosh twig, leaves, et al found their way into the vac. I had the whole front of my 1800 sq ft house done in about 40 mins. with my feet never leaving the ground except when I broke out the ladder to inspect the incredibly clean (and now very deep) gutters. Conversely it took my wife and in over an hour just to do an 8 ft section on the side with ladders and hand trowels."

My only regrets are:

1. That I did not buy the kit; the extensions would be great for cleaning the gutters between the house and the pool cage.
2. That I ordered the Competitors product; which still hasn't shown up. Time to cancel that order and get the GCB extensions! Why do I need anything else?
Bottom line, I love my GCB and have recommended it to all my friends and several of the real estate agents I know. Everybody who has seen it in action is highly impressed.

Christopher A. | Valrico, FL

"Can I just say WOW! A product that does as it was promised (probably even more so). I live outside of Seattle on six wooded acres full of evergreens, maples, and alders. I have a two story house with a steep pitched roof, so gutter cleaning here is not for the feint of heart. Thus, the reason my gutters haven't been cleaned in over a year. Climbing up a ladder to blindly reach into the gutter while maintaining my balance is a white knuckle experience. Hiring someone else to do that is a $200 experience. Thus, your product paid for itself in the first hour of use. And I can assure you that I challenged it to the fullest. My gutters were filled to the brim with pine needles, most of them now a thick wet sludge. Some were even hosting plants two feet in the air, so I felt a bit like ma and pa Kettle. The Gutter Clutter Buster® did exactly as was advertised and without a great deal of effort cleaned all this slurry and goopy waste from my gutters without me even having to get dirty. And nothing on the ground since it all ended up in my vac and was easily disposed of. All I can say is that your product is worth many times what you charge…but since I got in on the current price, I won't be sending you any additional $. :) But please feel free to use me as a reference. I appreciate a product doing as promoted. You are a perfect example of necessity being the mother of invention. I'm actually looking forward to finishing the rest of the gutters so I don't have to watch the water cascading over the tops come our wet northwest winter."

Dan McFadden Director of Investor and Public Relations
Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. | Redmond, WA

"Praise the Lord and pass the GCB! This thing really works!! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it! I gotta admit, I was skeptical that the GCB would perform as advertised. I thought to myself, "the leaves are just gonna jam up in the elbow of the tubing and I'm gonna be swearing not only at the job, itself, but at the equipment, as well!" I've got several magnolia trees whose leaves are like big pieces of hard plastic and when they fill those gutters, it's a real mess. I figured there was no way the GCB was going to be able to handle those monsters, but "hey, what's another sixty bucks wasted on a novelty tool that doesn't work"… got plenty of those in my garage already! : ) Well anyhow, starting with the first story of the house, I climbed up on the ladder anyway just to see for myself how the suction would perform on the magnolia leaves. Much to my shock they just got sucked right into the GCB with no problem! But then after about I minute or so, the suction ground to a halt and pretty much ceased. "Just as I figured" I thought, "I knew this thing wouldn't work!" As I climbed down off the ladder I was already wondering just what other things that I COULD use 20 feet of big plastic piping for! Wait a minute, though! Upon inspection of the equipment, I discovered that the jam up of the Magnolia leaves had occurred at the inlet opening of the vaunted Rigid WD1450 shop vac, NOT in the elbow or tubing of the GCB!! I cleared out the debris from the vac's opening, plugged the hose back in and gave it another go.! That thing started sucking up all of those Magnolia leaves and big Magnolia pine cones like nobody's business! Standing on the ladder, I was able to see how the GCB made mincemeat out of all of that stubborn gutter debris within minutes! Leaves, cones, gravel, dirt and even a few gutter nails got sucked up into the GCB, leaving the gutters clean as new! "Well, that's fine for an easy access gutter" I thought, but what about the real "tough spots". the places where you can't even get a ladder to?! The next gutter was one that was so inaccessible the only reason I could tell it was full of debris was because I can see it from a second story window… it's impossible to even see, let alone access, from ground level. I put on an extension tube and "blindly" reached up into the corner from the ground need to use the ladder here, it wouldn't reach it anyway. Even performing the task without the benefit of being able to "see what I was doing" the GCB performed flawlessly! It cleaned out years of backed up debris in minutes, leaving my wife to exclaim, "My God, you've cleaned out the clogged gutter!" By this time I was starting to strut around the property like I really knew what I was doing! The final job involved sticking all 20 feet of tubing together and sending the GCB up to a place on my roof where no human being has ever walked before! (See picture) Again, it cleaned out all of the debris without me doing anything more strenuous than hanging on to a big piece of plastic pipe for a few minutes! Amazing...I saw it and still can't believe it! What a product you've developed! Fantastic! As a side note, I had just recently got a couple of price quotes on cleaning my gutters for the rainy season...a handy man quoted me $200 and had no qualms telling me "but I am not going to do the second story." A gardener from next door said he would blow the debris out of the gutters for $100… second story not included. So the GCB has already more than paid for itself in its very first use! We just had some very heavy rains the last couple of days and the gutters worked flawlessly... no more overflowing gutters, thanks to the GCB! So glad to have found your website and bought your product. Thanks for a great device and keep up the good work at GCB! You guys are great! Very cool that you were able to develop, manufacture and market this tool the way you have! Nice going! Regards."

Brad P. | Thousand Oaks, CA

"Just received your product yesterday and went outside today and used it. Great Product. Being a firefighter for Providence RI, I am not afraid of heights, but my gutters are very high and just don't have a ladder at the house big enough! Plus trying to move a ladder that big, by yourself, is almost impossible. Your product made this messy job quick and easy!"

Scott S. | Providence, RI

"I used the product for the first time today. Living in Upstate NY, we have plenty of leaves every year. The equipment worked as promised. The only problem I had was the contractors that put on my new roof over the summer left debris in the gutters. Other than that I had no problems. I used it with 4 extensions plus the tool. Probably cleaning the gutters twice a year would make it easier for the tool to pick up the leaves and twigs. Thanks for an excellent product."

Kelly S. | Canandaigua, NY

"Good morning. Wanted to let you know that my husband doesn't like the GCB. He loves it! He was up and down on the ladder a week before to clean out the leaves and after that said there has to be an easier way. He looked online and found you. He tried it and it works so well. He is really impressed. Our house is surrounded by trees and the gutters fill up quick this time of year. Your mirror tip also worked out great. No more ladders. He is telling everyone about it. Thank you for creating such a great tool and making it available to everyone, especially us "older" folks."

Karen and Pete L. | Bridgeton, NJ

"I got my Gutter Clutter Buster yesterday but didn't have time to try it until today. You can put me on that list of satisfied customers! First, I did the 1 story porch - then went upstairs to see if I got everything out of them. I did. Then to the second story. I'll have to wait for a heavy rain to see how well I did on those. I have oak trees & was very glad to hear what I was pretty sure were acorns coming down the GCB. After checking the shop vac, acorns were confirmed. The hardest part was getting the pieces apart when I was done. I finally used my rubber mallet. I am 5 ft. tall so I did need the extra extension that I ordered. For those who wonder if they can use this thing - I weigh 95 pounds and am very gray! Thanks for this great invention! Finally had some rain since I first cleaned my gutters with my new GCB. It was a torrential downpour for at least 45 minutes. Hooray! NO overflowing gutters! All were clear & flowing freely."

Carol K. | Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"Your product worked great! My wife thanks you for keeping off a 20' ladder. Great product. Blessings."

Doug L. | Denver, CO

"I have now used my new tool and just loved it. We have a large tree in our backyard that drops a lot of leaves into our neighbors gutters. They would like us to trim it way back but it would still fill his gutters. I had spent a whole day on a ladder cleaning his out and the next day big winds came and refilled them. Found your product and ordered what a difference 30 minutes and done. Thanks."

Jody W. | Richardson, TX

"Yes, I purchased the correct size hose and it worked beautifully! I was able to clean all my gutters with ease and no extra clean-up. What a wonderful gutter tool! I'm glad I look on-line and found your tool. Thanks for making the job of cleaning gutters so easy and safe.
Happy Holidays!"

Shirley L. | Eastlake, OH

"I was looking for gutter guards on the internet. I ran across a comment by a gutterclutterbuster owner who advocated the product in lieu of spending for gutter guards. I looked you up and ordered the kit. Trees galore on the windy side fills up my gutters quickly with leaves and maple flying seeds that actually sprouted in my gutter last spring. I am a 68 year old widow and found I am a ground lover who cannot climb up a ladder and use my arms and hands. The GCB kit came quickly and I use one GCB extension for the front of the house and add the other when I get to the back. I love it! It works and I can stay on the ground where I am comfortable. Also, I put my wet/dry vac on a wagon and pull it easily and if the vac becomes full, I empty into the wagon until I get to the trash can around back! I am amazed at the simplicity of this product, yet it is effective. I have already recommended it to my sister-in-law who has taken on outside chores my older brother is no longer able to do. Thank you. Sincerely,"

Yvonne F, a satisfied customer | Nicholasville, KY

"I admit I was skeptical, but I ordered the Gutter Clutter Buster® last year after an exhaustive Internet search and comparison. I used it for my 1st story gutters, and it worked extremely well with my $99 high powered Rigid Shop Vac from Home Depot. But I still had to pay my Landscaper to clean my 2nd story gutters. (This was before the extensions were available...) Last month I decided to order 3 extensions and see if I could clean my 2nd story gutters. Well, it worked!! I had my wife wheel the shop vac as I moved the GutterClutterBuster through the gutters and we did the whole house, 1st and 2nd stories, in 15min! I've actually used this in a suit & tie to quickly clean one 1st story gutter before work one morning, as I knew a thunderstorm was coming and it was full. Great product!! Great customer service as well."

Rob H. | New Rochell, NY

"It is refreshing to buy a product that functions as advertised. I have a two-story home with difficult to get to places. I used the tool with a 6.25HP shop vac and the results were fantastic. Thanks for a great product!"

Tom M. | Roseville, CA

"Well, here we are with clean gutters. Your promised shipment arrived on the 18th, I was occupied on the 19th and started the gutter cleaning this AM. All is basically completed although the leaves have not started to fall yet. I had cleaned up about 5 years accumulated gunk and your Gutter Buster worked fabulously. Thanks millions."

Ronald R. | Bend, OR

"I hooked up the GCB to my shop vac and sucked all the gunk out of my gutters! Works great! As I have told people, it works well and it is such a no mess job that you can do it in your "church clothes." Thank you!"

John S. | Eau Claire, WI

"After trying several products attempting to clean my gutters I was very pleased to finally find your product which worked exactly as you advertised. My only negative comment would be concerning separating the extension pieces when finished. I agree I needed to tap the pieces together on the ground but the problem is it took an act of God to separate them. Your instructions said to jiggle the sections till they separated. I ended up banging each section on the side of a tree till they finally came apart. I was afraid I would crack the product but it would not separate any other way. If you could develop some sort of latching system rather than a slip connection, then your product would be the best thing since sliced bread."

Jim P. | Durham, NC

"I want to THANK YOU Both for creating the Gutter Clutter Buster®. I am no longer getting on a ladder, especially to clean my gutters! My home does require the Gutter Clutter Buster® Extensions and because it does, it does require strength aka one needs to have upper body strength, to lift it into the gutters. It took time to get use to the movement of the Gutter Clutter Buster®. At first, I looked like a clown trying to balance a ball on top of a stick. I was not use to working with anything that requires upward balance...however...after a few oops...I am now able to clean my gutters quickly and more important...SAFELY! As an added feature...I got to work out my flabby arms!"

Christina S. | Basking Ridge, NJ

"Jean, I used my new gutter buster today on my mother-in-laws two story gutters, it worked great. Thank You. Read your tips on the back of the invoice, and my mind started working. Went to the store and bought a mirror, attached it to the bend of the gutter buster and was able to watch the leaves fly up the tube, knew right away the gutters were clean. Also was able to look at the downspouts to see if they open at the top. If you're interested in my idea let me know, I'll try to send you some pictures. Have a great day, God Bless."

Gary S. | Gerald, MO

"Thank you so much for a great product! I couldn't believe how easy and fast it was to clean all my gutters! No ladder, no mess, no problems! I have been away from my home and unable to clean my gutters for over a year and this product cleaned them better than if I were able to reach them with my own hands! Awesome product and well worth the money! Thanks So Much!"

Ben L. | Rochester, NY


Paul A. | Alexander , VA

"American design and ingenuity lives on with this product. Finally a near perfect solution to clean the gutters without getting on a ladder. I have nearby locust tree leaves and walnut tree stems in my gutter. The Gutter Clutter and 3 extensions cleaned my second story all Ok and kept me on the ground. GB, Kansas City. Then, separately, I assembled my three extension and utilized this weekend here in the cold, having problems disconnecting the three extensions. Any suggestions to easily disconnect. Thanks."

Gary B. | Kansas City, MO

Got my Cluster Buster yesterday for use with my 16gal 6.5hp Wet/Dry vacuum. Worked OK, but slow because clogging. So I took my Sears 7' flex hose (2.5") and connected it to my Echo 350 Leaf blower. Duck Taped each joint including 2 from the vac because my highest gutters are 22'. Worked absolutely GREAT! Blew those gutters super clean. The Echo would sit on the ground and I could clean about 14', then just pick the Echo up and reposition it for the next 14'.

I really don't think I will ever connect it to the vacuum again. Your tubes are far stronger than Shop Vac tubes. YES I AM HAPPY I BOUGHT THE GUTTER CLUSTER BUSTER!

William M.
London, CT

Thanks jean!

The gutter buster is super. My husband & I both tried it today so much better, safer, easier than getting on a ladder & moving the ladder, etc. cannot thank you enough. Appreciate the sale price since shipping is soo high!!! Plus we had to buy a new shop vac since our old one only had a 1 1/2 in diameter hose & a horsepower of 3, the new one combined w/gutter clutter buster is fabulous!

Barb Z.
Lexington, KY

This is the thing I have been looking for to clean our gutters. We have gutter guards; just need to blow the leaves off and keep them clear.

Problem is, our house is high and on a sideways incline - ladder very unfriendly. This worked like a charm. Hooked up my blower via one end with dryer hose and duct tape. Had my son follow me and keep the blower going. I had all of the gutters blown clean in 15 minutes. Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks very much.

Jim D.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Kay for your very informative email.  You addressed both my issues!  I thought I had checked the box and contents well for the invoice and tips, but if it was inside a GCB it may have gotten sucked into the shop vac along with the debris from the gutters on the very night it was delivered.  Was anxious to try it out as was leaving on vacation the next day and couldn't have been happier with the results!  (Tho we cleaned the shop vac, the filter definitely smelled mildewed upon our return a week later and needed to be pitched.)  That is when people said you shouldn't use a filter with wet - but gutter debris is both.  Your suggestions answered that perfectly too ... so will stop at HD on way home, purchase a new filter and ensure it gets removed, washed and dried thoroughly afterward.

A neighbor was impressed watching while we did ours so said we'd try it on their gutters which are growing little trees and really needs cleaned - didn't want to use shop vac again until I heard how to operate - with or without a filter which you answered. The attached Tips helps and won't need another invoice sent - tho will check all the tubes before using again as there was one extension unused and it may inside that one. Telling anyone and everyone that will listen about the GCB.

Thank you SO much again for a wonderful product and GREAT customer service! Again, thank you for your response and news!  I did suggest your site to neighbor and will continue to tell anyone that asks or will listen about your great product.  Looking forward to fall to use it again! 

Anne S.
Buffalo, NY

I've had my Gutter Clutter Buster for three seasons now. Best money I ever spent. In the past three years I’ve had two friends fall cleaning their gutters. One broke both legs and a wrist. The other was on the roof with his leaf blower, lost his balance, fell to the ground and broke his neck. He lived for two days.

Stay off the ladders ladies and gentlemen. It’s not worth the risk. Buy this product from these good people and get yourself a good wet/dry vac to hook it up to. You’ll be glad you did.

No more dented gutters, ladders. So glad I took the time to search the Internet and found this company.

Buy Made in America.


Larry G.
Madison, MI

I received my product yesterday and removed a sloppy mess that had clogged one of my gutters  - 2 stories high in a matter of minutes.  Your product is awesome. I will use it probably 3 to 4 times a year for general cleaning maintenance from now on.  It will save me money by not having to pay someone to do the high work  – and, I never plan on going on a high ladder or roof again.

  Made in America and priced so an average American can afford it.  You folks are wonderful!!! 


Greg H.
Cary, IL

Got my stuff and tried it this weekend. I recently injured my knee and that's why I ordered the kit. With a 5 HP vacuum, I picked up everything except I want people to have realistic expectations of the product.

  Sticks may become stuck, but I just lowered the kit and in seconds cleared it and I was back up sucking leaves. It provided me with a good upper body workout while keeping me safe on the ground. FYI, I use the kit with 2 extra extensions to reach the very highest point.


John D.
Chevy Chase, MD
Financial Services & Real Estate

"I really want to commend you for a well-made tool. I was about to go to the hardware store to make something like this to clean my gutters when I came across your website. Product was realistically priced and I ordered it. I won't go into detail on how helpful you were on the phone but I got to tell you I may do one testimonial per 5 years and you guys are deserving.

Today I used the product and I can't believe what a great product it is. I also want to commend you on making this product in the USA. Thanks again and keep them coming."

Everett S. | Bradenton, FL

"Hello GCB,
My package arrived very quickly and your e-mail updates were much appreciated. I used my GCB on Saturday to help clean the gutters of my church. All the men were very interested in this tool that kept us off our roof. It did the job just the way you advertised it would work. I am very pleased with it; though it was quite a work out for my arms. Some of the men indicated that they would look into purchasing one as well so I gave them your web address. Then I took it home and did my second story home. This is definitely a life saver as my home has a very steep pitch and I didn't want to have to risk getting hurt being up so high on a ladder. Thanks again for this great invention. God bless you all and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving."

Tom K. | Mansfield, CT

"WOW!!!! It works like magic. I, also like your wife, am 71 yrs. Old and don't feel like climbing around on a ladder anymore, and this Gutter Clutter Buster® sure did the trick. I was very impressed!!"

Carol K. | Davenport, FL

Just wanted to let you know that I was skeptical about the tool that my husband ordered. I even climbed up the ladder to see for myself. It does a great job!! Thanks for coming up with a truly great product."

Janet C. | Zanesville, OH

"I just finished my gutters and the product worked great. I am paying someone once a year to clean and the cost was much more than your product. The comfort of not having to climb up a 20 foot ladder is great. I am a physical therapist and I have actually seen several patients over the years who have had injuries related to falling while cleaning their gutters. I highly recommend for both the efficiency and the safety of the product. Thanks!!!!"

Jeff H. | Belmont, NC

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I received my Gutterclutterbuster in less than a week after I ordered it and used it the following weekend. I am very pleased with the device and it works exactly 'as advertised'. It makes cleaning the gutters simple and eliminates the mess of digging out the gutters by hand and the best part, no more."

"I just bought my first house in late May. I have 7 maple trees on the property, needless to say, it is going to get a workout. Now I just need a larger shop-vac, and thanks again, for a quality product."

Dave S. | Springfield, MO

Well finally got the wet/dry vac today, Sears customer service has much to be desired. Vac came to my local store and had been sitting there almost a month since it didn't have a name or account number on it. Anyway, happy news, LOVE my Gutter Clutter Buster!!! You were right, do not need the extension you are holding for me. The 2 long tubes that came with the unit were enough for me to reach the highest part. Just did the front (are expecting rain) for the next several days. I'm so out of shape will try and do the back tomorrow, sun was also back there (hot and humid). That Gutter Clutter Buster is the cat's meow!! I hope people stop by when they see what I'm doing so I can spread the word. Should put a sign in the front saying these gutters were cleaned with the Gutter Clutter Buster :) Thank you for your patience and excellent customer service. If you can go ahead and cancel that extension order it would be great. Again, thanks so much for an wonderful product!! To God be the Glory, Blessings,


Yes I got it, yes I used it, yes I love it! I was going to post a picture of me on Facebook using it to get the word out there for you! Love it

Amanda B. | RENTON, WA.

I received the item as promised, and I have already made use of it. It works exactly as I had hoped. Also, thanks for not hiding your faith in God or the country He’s given us. Thanks,


Jean , received the Gutter Buster this week. I put it to use today , Saturday , and it did a great job. Arms got a little tired as I had to use both extensions on two high and long gutters . Any advice on how to separate the extensions? They went together easily but I am having trouble getting them apart . Thanks ,

David H. | Toms River, NJ

So pleased to hear that your new Gutter Clutter Buster did its job as advertised! We always suggest that you use your Tools at "chest height" so you can save "overworking your arms" above your head. If you need to add a little more length to your extensions in order to work from your chest, you can attach one or more of the wands that came with your wet/dry vac to the end closest to the vac hose. And, because the overall weight is light enough you can always rest by just hanging the Tool from the gutter itself and it will not pull the gutter down (as long as your gutters are not pulling away from the fascia before cleaning them). Your difficulty with getting the extensions apart may be avoided in the future by following the instructions below (see yellow highlighted area in our letter to you and it is also suggested in the "Tips and Tricks" and again on the front of the packing slip in bold red letters. Bob recommends "using the wiggle as you pull" technique, as described on the reverse side of your packing slip. Should this not take care of this for you, the next step might be to go to any home improvement store and purchase a "strap wrench" to separate the extensions, as a last resort. Our engineer designed the extensions to "fit snugly" so you would not endanger yourself or your property if they came apart while cleaning high above your head. This is also why we encourage everyone using extensions to spray them "lightly" with lightweight lubricant such as WD-40, also suggest in the "Tips and Tricks" on the reverse side of your packing slip. Please let me know if any of the above suggestions have been of help to eliminate your situation with the extensions.

Thanks Jean, a little shaking and a spray of WD 40 did the trick! The terriers barking at me while doing it added some vibrations also . Great product . No more climbing the 25 foot extension ladder ! Great idea about donating a $1.00 of each sale to the local food bank . God Bless you and your family.

David H.| Toms River, NJ

Jean – the vacuum kit arrived today – very prompt service. The quality is more than I expected. Very durable and easy to use. Did my gutters this afternoon – had to stop several times to empty the shop vac. It will find much use at our condo association here in Bonita Springs, Florida. In His Name,

Dave G., Treasurer – GVBS | Bonita Springs, FL

Thank you! It's a pleasure to be able to buy a product made in the USA and from a Christian! May God bless you!!

Jan S. | Fairbanks, Alaska

I received my order. I already used it and it worked excellent. Thank You! and God bless u!

Ronald D. | Stroudsburg, PA

Received my order with no issues. Cleaned "ALL" my gutters for the first time in 5 years.

George R. | Senoia, GA

Received. Worked better than advertised. Thank you.

Dave C. | Massapequa Park, NY

Yes, received, used last weekend and worked great.

Tom C. | North Potomac, MD

Thank you for your follow-up and especially for your product. The Clutter Buster has been very useful.

Francis S. | Vero Beach, FL

Yes I received the box the Mon. after I ordered it. The box was perfect. Used it with my new shop vac. Worked well. Thanks. Now we can do this ourselves.

Norma B. | Delran, NJ

Just letting you know it's working very well. Much lighter than I thought. Thanks,

Mark M. | Lynnfield, MA

Hi, We finally got to try the gutter clutter buster with the extensions and it did the job as mentioned. We did however find it a little top heavy with those extensions but managed it nevertheless. Just a suggestion; maybe look into acquiring a lighter material for your product. Also used the hose attached to the unit and flushed out remaining debris. Thank You for your product. It saves us from climbing ladders and at our age, could be dangerous. God Bless. Kindest Regards

Edward S. | CANADA

I just received my gutter buster today and had to try it out ...well it works great it cut my gutter cleaning time by at least half. I had to come back and order the extension I miss judged my house height.

David G. | Racine, WI

Yes, my gutter tool arrived in fine shape. It has taken a little getting used to, but I used it for the second time this morning, and it is working fine. My wife is especially thankful that the ladder has stayed in the garage. Thank you. I am very pleased.

Robert Z. | Eighty Four, PA

We received the GCB and used it already. It worked GREAT! Since using it we had some gully washers (heavy rain) and the spouting is clean with no blockages. Thank you for a great product and God Bless. Kathy A. Marks Appraisals

Don & Kathy M. | Hegins, PA

I finally tried my Gutter Clutter Buster today. It worked well with my new shop vac and I was able to clean all my gutters in less than an hour without a ladder. Great product!

Kim T. | San Jose, CA

Got it. Love it.

John S. | Apex, NC

Got it. Used it. Loved it.

Kevin H. | Hixon, TN

I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful tool. Last spring I hoisted myself up a 25 foot ladder shaking the entire time I tried to clean my gutters. Luckily I made it out alive...but no more. I couldn't wait until I received the package so I could try this out on just a small section of my gutters. We put it together a WHAM!!!!! All of the leaves, dirt and twigs (some small branches) were instantly sucked into the vac. Several months ago we had a terrible storm that knocked down many trees in the area and blew many branches off of the oak trees that surround our property. The GCB took care of them all. In less than 1 to 1 1/2 hour all of our gutters were clean AND yes I had to brave the ladder one more time just to make sure. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for this wonderful product. I will definitely tell everyone that needs gutters cleaned!

Tonia C. | Montvale, VA

Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and very kind offer to help reimburse with the shipping mistake I made when ordering. It's not very often that a company cares about its customers...but your sincere one-on-one service does not go unnoticed. Good will begets good will, and I will certainly pass my good experiences to fellow friends and neighbors!

Alan S. | Needham, MA

Just want to say thanks for the GCB. My house is on a slope, so the two story house is actually 3 full stories in the back. I ordered the kit with one extension - couldn't be happier. My gutters were packed with leaves, and had about 2 inches of sludge on the bottom, not a problem for the Buster and my old Craftsman shop vac. Occasionally I would have to unclog sticks from the pipe (hose), but no complaints.
At first, I really wanted to know if it was working well or not, but how could I tell? My wife came up with the great idea of attaching our small digital camera to the curve in the tool with rubber bands. I set the camera on its video setting, and raised it up over the gutter. I ran it along for a few feet and then lowered it. When we viewed the video, we were happy to see they were completely leaf/sludge free. I would definitely recommend your product to friends. I'm also glad it's made in the U.S. - super strong stuff.

Rob C. | Lexington, MA

I see that you have had plenty of satisfied customers, well add me to that list. I received the GCB tool the week of Thanksgiving 2011 and went out Thursday 11/24/2011, Thanksgiving Day, AM. It took me about 20 minutes to clean two large sections of gutters on my home. I used a 6.5 HP 16 gallon wet dry vac and collected about 8 gallons of leaves from these two sections of gutters. Am I satisfied with your product??? I am very satisfied with the GCB. Thank you for a great product, thank you for your follow up letters and thank you for a product that works as promised. I don't usually write to discuss a product that I have bought and used, but yours is everything that was shown and discussed. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work. Best regards and God Bless,

John V. | Pontiac, IL

We finally had a chance to try out the GCB tool. Recently we had some snow then heavy rain so the snow melted but the Maple leaves and evergreen pods and needles in the gutters were very wet. However, the tool worked quite well on all that mess so we expect it will work even better on dry leaves. We are quite satisfied with our purchase and our neighbors were asking where we bought it. It arrived at our home within 10 days of shipping and the USPS tracking tool worked well at least until it reached Canadian Customs. All in all we are happy with our purchase. Thank you.

Solange & Ralph B. | Nanaimo, BC, Canada

After having gone all fall and winter without being cleaned, our gutters were full to over-flowing with debris. Additionally, our gutters are located anywhere from eight feet to thirty feet from the ground.

Your product performed exceptionally well!! I was thoroughly impressed and am recommending your product to all I know.

Well Done!!!

Regards and Semper Fidelis,

Bill Clark LtCol(ret) USMC | Rutherfordton, NC

"I have been using the Gutter Clutter Buster® commercially in my community this spring. It works as promised. It has surprised my customers by how quickly and neatly it does the work required of it. My community has needed a gutter cleaner and I am it!"

Thanks for a great product.

Matt S. | Fairview, AB Canada

"Your product is worth of all the testimonials on your website.  My Kit and 3 Extensions arrived in 3 days as per UPS Schedule.  Items were securely packaged. The next day I purchased a Home Depot WD1851 wet/dry vac.  I intended to purchase the WD1450, as per your power recommendation but opted for the next size model because of the larger rear wheels and handle to make it easier to move vac around in yard (wish it had large front wheels also, as vac get heavy when gutters have standing water.) Attached Gutter Clutter Buster® Kit and 2 extension (don't think I will need the 3rd after all) into vac and had gutters clean in a couple of hours. Gutter Clutter Buster® NEVER plugged. Crepe Myrtle flower debris, leaves standing water, roof debris - the Gutter Clutter Buster® /vac combo got it all in both the 12' and 18' high gutters!  I didn't climb up to check the gutters, but the next day a very heavy rain storm passed over my home and, of course, I couldn't wait to verify if my latest home project was a success.  Well, the GCB project received a score of 10 on scale of 1-10. The gutters are now free flowing and no longer overflowing their sides. Mission accomplished!"

Ralph M. | Layafette, LA

"Your Gutter Clutter Buster® is the finest example of the "kiss" (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. It is simple and easy to use and gives fantastic results.  I "busted" the clutter in 120 feet of gutters in about two hours (actual use of the tool took about an hour, the other hour was spent moving the vacuum around the house, relocating the power cord and adding and removing extensions for the different gutters). I removed about 15 gallons of trash from the four gutters. This is a fantastic system, keeps an old guy like me safely on the ground and easily pays for itself in one use."

"Nuff said, I will recommend your system to everyone!"

Mariner C. | Stafford, VA

"The GCB is Great!  No more climbing ladders for us older folks. We used it the day that it arrived, and are most grateful for it.  It took less than 30 min. to clean around the whole house.  God bless you for your product, and for being a Christian business.  We need more like you."

Norma M. | Union, MI

"Today, October 29, I tried my new, wonderful Gutter Clutter Buster® . All my questions sent to you by email, even those arriving late in the evening, were answered promptly. They were all helpful to solve all my problems. I loved communicating with you. You were so encouraging and patience during all my difficulties."

"Next, the shipping, delivery and packaging were very efficient and very well done. The service was much better than I could ever have expected. Finally, I would recommend the Gutter Clutter Buster® to everyone. It has solved the big problem we had with getting leaves cleaned from our roof and gutters. We had hired people in the past to do it and have tried doing this chore ourselves. Hiring others was expensive. Trying to do it ourselves was dangerous. We did not have the 'proper equipment.' This is what prompted me to look on the computer for equipment and I found this wonderful Gutter Clutter Buster® , designed by God and distributed by His good friends. I am so pleased with my purchase and so happy with how well it works. Thank you so much. What a big relief!"

Helen S. | Portsmouth, VA

"I used my Gutter Clutter Buster® yesterday and I am delighted! Finally something that works that I can handle easily. Being afraid of heights, cleaning gutters has been one of my biggest challenges. I have purchased several items in the past so I could stay off the ladder. First was a contraption that looked like paddles for placing into the gutter from below and pulling a rope to grab gutter debris. I found I could not hold the paddles in place and pull the rope at the same time. When I did get the paddles closed, I could not lift it out of the gutter while keeping pressure on the rope so it would not open. I then purchased a type of sprayer which worked a bit better, but what came out of the gutter ended up all over. I found the force of the spray was hard to control and what a mess to clean up afterwards. Lucky for me I found your website. I can handle and control the tool because it is so light weight and sturdy. I absolutely love the fact that I can simply dump the vacuum debris and see what I have removed from the gutters. It gives me peace of mind that the gutter cleaning was successful. Thank you very much!"

Christine R. | Iola, WI

"Hi folks, we've had some rain up here since my Gutter Clutter Buster® arrived, so I couldn't report to you as to whether it worked or not. I couldn't wait any longer, so I gave it a try today....out came the leaves and they were even wet....Can't thank you enough for the Gutter Clutter Buster® and would recommend it to anyone...No mess, no fuss, and no climbing ladders....It took me less than an hour, using this tool for the first time, on a house that is 28 x 56, with gutters on all four sides."


Butch M. | Ringgold, PA

"I assumed you had received my Email that the GCB arrived a day earlier than originally estimated due to the superb services of UPS. I put it to use right away with my new Ridgid Vac. I bought the hp model as it had the most CFM airflow of any vac that I looked at, according to the published specs. That turned out to be the right decision as it will suck the GCB to the bottom of the gutter in spite of the nozzle cutouts."

"In the northeast we get a lot of rain with our leaves. To complicate things, in a couple places my gutters have sagged a little and so collect water in them. In my first pass, not only did all the leaves, twigs and stones come up, so did the water. Very clean gutters now!"

"We have a small ranch with about 150 ft of gutter. I can do the whole job in 1/2 hour today with no mess left behind. When I fix the gutter width problem, I can easily do the whole house in 15 minutes. One other thing - I love that you are a Christian owned business."

God Bless,

Dave S. | Williamson, NY

"Hey - thanks so much folks. Product worked great, and I appreciated you're "tips" on the back of the receipt. The best aspect of the GCB tube is that it's from a mold - no seam that could break later. I went with you after reading that Sears carries a cheap, ineffective attachment for my (Sears) shop vac. Thanks for a common sense solution, Made in the USA. (Did grandma get the idea from a Christmas Candy Cane???)"

Steve W. | Cincinnati, OH

"It's been a pure pleasure using this tool and doing business with you.  We tried the product on the recommendation of a friend.  Then, based on our positive experience, we bought one for a friend (who had dislocated a shoulder when she fell off a ladder while trying to clean her gutters.)  I'm happy to endorse this effective tool.  Good luck bringing this "better idea" to the many homeowners who need it."

Bob W. | Shelburne, MA

"The Gutter Clutter Buster® worked great! No comparison to other products I have tried like 'Gutter Sense'. The Gutter Sense tool broke 15 minutes after I started using it. I had just about given up and was going to pay $150 for someone to clean them. The Gutter Clutter Buster® met all my expectations and easily cleaned my gutters. In fact, I let my 16 year old daughter do most of the cleaning . . . the Gutter Clutter Buster® is certainly the only decent product available for cleaning gutters from the ground."

John R. | Madison, AL

"I've never been more pleased with a product and service than I was with this purchase. My order was placed and received quicker than anything else I've ordered. I just finished using Gutter Clutter Buster® , first try, took 1/2 hr per gutter. Tool worked as advertised. Was able to use myself, no more waiting for someone to come clean gutters for me. It pays for itself first time. No more leaky or clogged gutters!!! Thank you for your invention, can't wait till autumn to use again when leaves fall."

Deena C. | Clementon, NJ

"I found you while searching information regarding various gutter hoods.  We need to replace a gutter and I wanted to research options. I had used metal gutter screens to try to keep leaves out. We don't have too bad of a leaf issue at our house, but this year the maple seeds really got stuck in them and were growing. On one of the pages regarding gutters someone mentioned your product so I thought I'd check it out.  Makes sense to me. It would keep me off our 2 story roof which sounds GREAT to me! My family laughed at me when my "giant candy can" came, so I had to try it out despite being the hottest day of the year. I took the metal gutter screens off and tried it out.  Worked great and I barely broke a sweat! When it cools down I will get rid of all those gutter guards and use my new tool instead.  VERY high quality product. Thanks for helping me save money and keep from buying those expensive new gutters."

Mark F. | Indianapolis, IN

"Received my GCB today. In the rain, I went outside to try this wonderful product. I have three large maple trees. My gutters had a habitat growing, so I was skeptical.  WOW, WOW, WOW, this product works.  Beats waiting for someone to clean my second story gutters. Very well built also. No more ladders, "which I hate" for me!"

Wilfredo S. | Lancaster, PA

"It usually takes about two and a half hours for me to do my gutters. They run completely around the house. Up and down the ladder, moving, pulling, straining, but now it only takes 30 minutes. I purchased a powerful vacuum from the Home Depot and it has plenty of power. I never got on the ladder except to admire how clean the gutters looked. I was so happy about my purchase I bought one for my brother in law. That will keep him off the ladder too. Thanks again for a great tool."

William H. | Monroe, LA

"It worked great! My gutters were packed with wet leaves and pine needles. The gutter is twenty plus feet high so at first I sort of had to work to get leaves unpacked but I expected that this as it was not your normal everyday gutter cleaning. Now that they are clean I suspect that maintaining them will be a breeze with your product."

Brett R. | Tulsa, OK

"I found your product while searching the internet. It is a great tool for cleaning gutters. Your feet are safely on the ground and not on some unstable ladder. I have to confess however, that I did climb the ladder to inspect the work of the Gutter Clutter Buster® after I had cleaned the length of the gutter. Clean as a whistle!! I heartily recommend your product."

Martin J. | Appleton, WI

"I did receive my 'gutterclutterbuster' (GCB) and have used it to remove wet leaves from my gutter. Wet leaves are a tough test. I am very pleased with how your product, the GCB, removed the leaves. I would give this product the highest rating (from 1 to 5 being the best) of '5'. I will recommend it to friends. Thank you for a great product and excellent service."

Best regards,

Bran H. | Arlington, TX

"Thank you so much for your prompt service. I ordered on Monday, received shipment on Wednesday, and used the Gutter Clutter Buster® on Thursday. It worked great and it makes gutter cleaning much easier and not such a dreaded task. Thank you."

Pam H. | Warner Robins, GA

"Received the GCB today as expected, no problems, package in good shape. Used it on my neighbors and mine to remove last of the pine needles before the snow fall. Once I figured out the right angle to hold it, it went quickly with my Ridgid Shop Vac, sucked up water and all debris nicely. No complaints, good product, well formed, thanks."

Harold M. | Sagle, ID

". . . I was a little doubtful that your product would handle the silver maple leaves that are rather large and sometimes wet, days after a snow (Colorado) I can now say that your product did an excellent job, and handled the leaves with no problem (the leaves were actually wet and ice coated). Just put a new roof on, and doing the job from the ground saved the roof from having any foot traffic, which I didn't want, or the possibility of falling with a backpack gas blower. Used your product with a Rigid WD14500 shop vac."

"Your product is a winner. Couldn't be more satisfied."

Best regards,

Brad D. | Wheat Ridge, CO

"I received the Gutter Clutter Buster® and used it a couple days ago. It's a great tool!! I only used the ladder once, just to check to make sure the gutter was clean, which it was :) Not having to go up and down the ladder has reduced the gutter cleaning time by at least half. My best friend (who was skeptical about the product) has already asked to borrow it after I showed him all the dirt, rocks, and leaves my shop vacuum had accumulated. The little notches on the feed end of the tool really helps in preventing the tool from getting stuck by the suction and I had no troubles attaching the device (GCB) to my shop vac."

"The shipping was prompt and the packaging was excellent. I also feel good knowing that it was manufactured in USA...even though it could probably be manufactured for less over seas. Keep up the great work!"

Jin P. | Elk Grove, CA

"I love this product! It arrived today and I tried it out by just doing a 6-8 foot section of my gutters.  When I finished after about 5 minutes, my Shop-Vac was 2/3 full.  This is a great product.  Shipping was fast and your customer service is excellent.  I also appreciate that you have chosen to manufacture this in Alabama. You could make much more profit if it was Chinese Made. You chose the route that many people will not.  God Bless your family, I wish much continued success!  Let me know if you come out with any other products. Thanks"

Joey S. | Columbia, TN

"I've used my new Gutter Clutter Buster® and it works great.. I have a feeling of great satisfaction that I can do this myself and not get on a ladder.  I fell off one 10 years ago, escaped serious injury and don't want to chance it again. This is a real money saver and life saver too."

Jeanne C. | Clearwater, FL

"Hooked the unit up right after UPS delivered it (very fast shipping). Short and sweet....WONDERFUL and easy to use. Sucked up even the dried sludge on the gutter bottom...will be buying another for a spare."

Paul S. | Idaho Falls, ID

"You have a great product. I received my Clutter Buster & immediately tried it on gutters loaded with pine needles. This device handled the pine needles, no problem. No more overflowing gutters, no  more ladders, no sweat. Thank you for this."

Pete K. | Knoxville, TN

"..During the first 30 seconds of using the tool, I was truly amazed!  What usually would take at least 2 hours of hard work, I completed that once dreadful job in just 30 minutes!  No ladder, no mess. . . It is light weight, easy to handle and very efficient!!  Thank  you again for a product that is truly worth its weight in gold. Rating: 1-5   It's  5 *****"

Lea T. | Oldsmar, FL

"What a great product! The best part is that it also works on snow."

Susan T. | Chicago, IL

"Hi there,
I got the unit yesterday and it works as advertised. Great idea and a great product. Thanks."

Paul N. | Smyrna, DE

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