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New Gutter Clutter Buster Redesigned Tool

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Gutter Clutter Buster®
A DIY Gutter Cleaning Tool

GREAT Gift for Him or Her

Extensions available to clean your 2nd story gutters The "redesigned" Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool gives homeowners and professional cleaning companies the ability to vacuum gutters smaller than 3" in width, SAFELY from the ground. The working end of the "candy cane" shape tool now features a "male connection" so the tool itself will accept ANY 2.5" wet dry vacuum attachment accessories. The "crack 'n crevice" attachment, "brush", "wide mouth attachment", "blower nozzle", etc. can now be connected to the working end of the 60" one-piece, Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool, as well as, the 54" one-piece, Gutter Clutter Buster® Extension.

The upgrade now enables our tool and our extensions to be used with ANY 2.5" wet/dry vac attachments for other cleaning chores; including but not limited to, vacuum or blow cobwebs from eaves and gables, dirt and bugs from windows, doors, porch ceilings, patios, and other areas that need an extra touch of "curb appeal," without the need of ladders. We did all this without increasing the cost to our customers".

Extensions Available! for ONLY $24.99 each

Add as many extensions as needed!

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GCB Tool, Extensions or GCB Kit

60 inch overall length. Weighs less than 3lbs. Fits 2.5 inch wet/dry vac hose
A woman using the Gutter Clutter Buster®  on her gutters Made In USA Certified - Made In America Certified

Hate Cleaning Your Rain Gutters?

We hate cleaning them too, but they have to be kept clean to prevent damage to your gutters and home as well! You can spend hundreds of dollars by adding a home improvement; such as gutter caps, gutter guards, gutter screens, or you could pay someone up to $300.00 to clean them for you... Or you could Do It Yourself by trying one of our tools for cleaning your gutters...


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